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Il Secolo XIX: Breast milk at nursery school, booming demand at Rapallo

25 January 2018

The distribution of breast milk at the nursery school is one of the main innovations of the new catering service of the municipality of Rapallo, which will be managed by service provider Markas for the next five years. more

Ristorando: Markas among the leaders of catering service

31 December 2017

In its December edition the specialised magazine Ristorando has published the ranking of the 20 leading companies in the field of catering in Italy, where Markas climbs to the 13th place. more

Gsa News: Markas to stop using caged hens’ eggs by 2024

28 November 2017

Markas, leading company for catering services, will gradually reduce starting from 2019 the purchase of caged hens’ eggs and definitely move to 100% cage-free eggs by 2024. more