Markas family

Il Sole 24 Ore: New Markas Headquarter with hanging gardens

30 July 2018

By next year Markas will have a new headquarter in Bolzano. Employees will move to the new 40 metre high building at the beginning of 2019 and will find there spaceful offices, meeting rooms, common areas and numerous other places designed as meeting and sharing spaces, surrounded by hanging gardens.

Service provider Markas and Bluvolley Verona foster a healthy diet among athletes

12 March 2017

In collaboration with the volleyball association BluVolley and the University of Verona, cleaning and catering service provider Markas has launched the so called Foodsport project, aimed at fostering a healthy nutrition among athletes. Due to this project, several meetings will be held within the Verona area over the course of the next months. more