Foodsport 1

Service provider Markas and Bluvolley Verona foster a healthy diet among athletes

16 March 2017

In collaboration with the volleyball association BluVolley and the University fo Verona, cleaning and catering service provider Markas has launched the so called Foodsport project, aimed at fostering a healthy nutrition among athletes. Due to this project, several meetings will be held within the Verona Area over the course of next months. more


Ristorando: Healthier company catering thanks to app of service provider Markas

1 February 2017

Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced a diet now becomes easier for the employees of Beretta, a factory in Gardone Val Trompia (Italy): thanks to a new app called RistoCloud, introduced by cleaning and catering service provider Markas, via smartphone or tablet employees can access a wide variety of information on the upcoming week’s menu choice in the company canteen. more


Giornale di Brescia: service provider Markas inaugurates new refectory at Nave

2 October 2016

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, service provider Markas celebrated the completion of the construction works at the new refectory of the elementary school of Nave, where Markas had won the contract for the provision of food in the local schools. more