In her interview with the trade magazine Job in Tourism, Markas’ Housekeeping Manager, Martina Kasslatter, tells us how important it is today to offer hotels an impeccable cleaning service , capable of positively shaping the guest experience. A well-tended and tidy room is in fact an aspect that has a profound impact on the customer experience and that encourages guests to choose the structure again, while a service that does not live up to expectations can cause a considerable boomerang effect. Markas’ housekeeping service is inspired by this philosophy and is designed according to the needs of each individual accommodation facility. Markas provides its specialist staff, specific equipment and innovative systems for quality control of the service. This attention does not end here, but passes through its employees, the “human capital” on which Markas has never stopped investing and which represents the true added value of the service.

TheĀ online magazine Job in Tourism reports about this in its edition of June 2018.

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