A great culinary partnership initiative signed Dègust’Alp, was organized last Thursday, October 16, 2014, at the Markas canteen in Cuneo. David Leroy, a French chef from the UPC Unité de Préparation Culinaire de Digne, was hosted by the Markas cooking center in Cuneo, where he prepared a typical dish from beyond the Alps: the Ratatouille.

David Leroy then spent lunchtime with elementary school children, talking to them about the importance of linking the cuisine to local products. The meeting with the French chef and his culinary art was set up as one of the final steps of Dégust’Alp. Dégust’Alp is a project putting attention on local products and is promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo in collaboration with Markas. The last stage will be the presentation of the project, on October 24th at the Salone del Gusto in Turin by the Responsible for Nutrition Hygiene Of Foods at Markas.

The online daily “Targatocn” reports about in its edition dated 17/10/2014

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